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Blankenship's blog - The Inimitable Lady Semp - 04-21-2015

This is my take on his rant.  

(I have no idea why everything is labeled "1".  I know how to count and type; I had the right numbers in my original piece.)

  1. Sometimes people get sick. Sometimes they oversleep because their kids are up all night puking. Sometimes they work (it's nice that you're okay with that). Sometimes their cars break down (if they are tithing and beyond to their religious organization they may very well have vehicles that constantly break down because they can't afford a decent vehicle). Sometimes they are on vacation. Sometimes they have no other time to get things done because they are too busy working 60 hours a week to afford the car repairs on their beater and need to do laundry, clean house, go grocery shopping. It doesn't really matter why people aren't there, unless there is a problem in your church, like leadership on guilt trips. Or abusive church members. Church is not all about you, Mr Blankenship.

  1. Sometimes people are too busy working or taking care of their families or enjoying a hobby to volunteer. Church is not all about you and your programs.

  1. If your church staff isn't completing assigned tasks or doing them poorly, ask yourself these questions: How many other jobs are they doing? Have I clearly outlined my expectations? Do they have the tools needed to do the job? Do they know how to do this task? Am I being unreasonable in my expectations? “Everything rises and falls on leadership” was the slogan used by an old-school fundy preacher. Maybe you hired the wrong people. Or maybe they don't take you seriously because they know you're going to clean up after them they don't have to do their jobs.

  1. If your volunteers don't take their ministries seriously, why are they in those positions? Again, leadership.

  1. You're not God. You don't know people's hearts and struggles. Maybe they are stressed out from other things, like feeling that they don't measure up to your expectations or even God's. Do your job and let God worry about the results.

  1. If you know for a fact that people can afford to give tithes and beyond, then you have way too much information about your people. That's creepy. Never mind that you are not God and aren't his police force. What other people choose to do is on them.

  1. When you're so busy keeping rules and regulations about everything from church attendance to forced financial support, it's hard to get excited about anything. Organized outreach is just a way to control what your people do. Legalism kills joy.

  1. Point taken, but I can't help thinking it's because you need to keep the pyramid scheme going so you try to have new blood love-bombed and decide to stay. Keeps the pews filled and the coffers overflowing. You also shouldn't ignore the less-than crowd and make church all about the beautiful people who never miss a service and always give time, talent, and treasure.

  1. This a whiny, attention-whore tactic. It's like cheating at solitaire if you have to cajole people into praising you. Besides, while encouraging words from the paying customers are nice, your work is for God. Do it for his praise, not man's adulation.

RE: Blankenship's blog - WalrusWrangler - 04-22-2015

Well said! This guy's blog post came across as a huge guilt trip and pity party. The comments are just church members saying, "We love you, and our church is awesome!" I've heard similar things from the pastors and staff of IFB churches I used to attend. Often the pastor wouldn't say these things himself, but a staff member or visiting preacher would bring it up when he got a chance to preach. It's disheartening when the pastor and the church's programs become more central than the gospel and the church itself (which is people, not services and programs). I like Darrel's comment on the blog that some pastors need to be discouraged.

Also it's really weird to me that he has a section on his website for promotional photos.

RE: Blankenship's blog - Bald Jones Grad - 04-22-2015

Did you author that Lady Semp?

RE: Blankenship's blog - The Inimitable Lady Semp - 04-23-2015

(04-22-2015, 10:10 PM)Bald Jones Grad Wrote: Did you author that Lady Semp?
Yes, sir, I did.

RE: Blankenship's blog - bean - 04-26-2015

Sometimes people get tired of going to church. Don't take it personally, man....

That is what I would say to Mr. Blankenship.