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Runners Unite! - MyKneesAreShowing - 08-30-2016

(08-29-2016, 11:19 PM)leo the lamb Wrote: A little over twelve miles. No water, no shoes. Just pavement, with a few mild hills. Walking up the driveway felt weird afterwards.

Ha probably because you were dehydrated!

Waitaminute... Did I read that right? NO SHOES??? Leo you are a beast.

I ran a Ragnar trail relay earlier this month, which was an amazing experience. Basically I ran a trail loop, hung out with friends, ate and drank, then ran some more. Repeat. Only problem is I'm having trouble getting speed back now for road running.

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RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 08-30-2016

I don't think I was dehydrated (much), it just felt a little odd to switch from a couple hours of jogging to walking. I started maybe an hour before sunset, and the wildfire smoke kept even the late sun cooler than usual. My previous run was during the day, five miles with a killer hill at the end. That was a little rough without water.

As for no shoes, I am continually amazed at how tough my soles have gotten with very little work on my part. As a fellow barefootist observed, as your feet toughen, their 'baseline toughness' seems to go up. So you get back up to speed more quickly after each winter, or in my experience after not running for a few weeks. I thought I was going to need shoes for my longer runs, but I'll see how I progress without.

Runners untie!

RE: Runners Unite! - The Inimitable Lady Semp - 09-25-2016

I did two 10K runs in the last few days after an extended time off due to bad weather and stuff. I felt great. Today I even had a personal best; and it wasn't just a few seconds. It was a few minutes!

Runners Unite! - bean - 10-08-2016

Missing running right now. Currently trying to walk a few miles a day...

RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 10-21-2016

I went for a 10-mile walk with a bit of jogging thrown in. Did some exploring and a few parkour jumps into the dry canal. Those impacts will take some getting used to. On the way back I jogged about a mile on the sandy canal bed. That's a whole different kind of workout. To maintain my easy trail pace I found I had to suck a lot more oxygen. Firm flat sand is easy, but dry and loose takes work. I guess I could have slowed down to almost walking speed, but that wouldn't be as much fun.

Sand is amazing. I suspect that walking barefoot on sand could be a great way to rehabilitate a foot after an injury. Certainly it is a good way to strengthen the feet. During one long sand walk I noticed that my feet were tired in a way I hadn't felt before. Muscles in my feet were engaged that my body had forgotten existed. The foot conforms to the terrain, and in turn the sand shifts to conform to the foot. There's a continual give and take. Every muscle, joint and tendon is called into motion, every bone gently flexed to extend the limits of what the feet can do. I'm no podiatrist, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

RE: Runners Unite! - bean - 11-26-2016

A runners unite update--
I managed 3 miles continuous on the treadmill yesterday!!
Running has been difficult the past couple years and the news I got in March (COPD/Asthma) did not help. I would walk/jog trying to build up to that magic point but could never get there.
About ten days ago I decided if I could make 10 minutes, I could make 15. I kept going. I made it to 30 minutes at 4.7 mph. (Slow, I know but hey..) Last five workouts have been 30 min continuous jogs. Friday I made 35 minutes and 3 miles..i can do this!

Whatever meds I'm on seem to be making a difference. Lungs don't burn anywhere near as bad as they did this summer.
Through an ENT visit, found out I have severe and silent GERD. Doc wondered how much coffee I drank and alluded to stress. Put me on prilosec, elevated bed, and am dropping some items from my life that cause a shit-ton of stress. Better! I see her for surgery on Tuesday to get some polyps yanked out of my sinuses and nasal passages.

Want to run halfs again...

RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 11-27-2016

That is awesome, bean.

RE: Runners Unite! - The Inimitable Lady Semp - 12-04-2016

Now that winter is here, I'm looking for some gloves that will work well for running. Yesterday I ran over 14K and wound up taking my gloves off after maybe 3K, and it was just a tad over freezing when I started running. Any ideas?

RE: Runners Unite! - bean - 12-04-2016

for 30 above down to about 0, I used to use a couple light pairs of cotton gloves. Below zero i would use cotton gloves covered by big big leather mitts.

RE: Runners Unite! - The Inimitable Lady Semp - 01-27-2017

Okay, my running friends ... who here has raced a half?

The other day for fun and giggles I ran almost a half, and the protein drink I brought with me was sufficient. What works for you? Do you carry anything with you to eat (gels, protein bars, grapes) or drink? Are those belts more helpful to carry your supplies or are they annoying?

I always track my runs on my phone, and my phone didn't die on me when I ran 18+K the other day. Should I keep one of those lipstick-type chargers with me just in case my phone decides to wonk on me?