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RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 05-05-2016

I'm not a runner, but I'm not giving up. Yesterday was the first time I did any running or walking in several weeks. I pushed myself a little and was happy enough to know that I can run a few miles. I still want to end up running every day (or nearly so), a little or a lot.

RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 05-11-2016

Ok, I think I'm getting somewhere. The book has been helpful. It has me thinking about and implementing details I hadn't considered before, and validates much of what I've been suspecting the last few years. The more I run, the more I believe we really are born to run.

I can't really recommend Christopher McDougall's book as a good read, but it is readable and offers some useful thoughts on both the finer points and the bigger picture of running.

I'm at the point where running a marathon no longer seems out of reach. Today I ran a few miles and felt like I was getting stronger toward the end, at least in terms of energy and lung and heart performance. My leg muscles aren't marathon-ready, but they recover quickly and can go farther each time if I maintain some consistency.

Runners Unite! - MyKneesAreShowing - 05-11-2016

Leo that's awesome!! Sounds like you're making great progress.

RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 06-27-2016

Once again I find that I haven't run in weeks, but I decided to go for a pre-dawn fun run today. It was good to loosen up my body, which is still a bit stiff from my recent trail tumble. I jogged the 3 or 4 miles without stopping. A duck with several babies was getting agitated as I ran alongside the canal, but a shortcut opened up in front of me and I went around them. Then a stray goathead stuck to the fleshy part of my foot, so I hopped on the other while I digitally removed the thorn. As I got to the end of the trail I was greeted by the rising sun.

I've been biking more lately, even doing a 50-miler with my brother on an easy trail. The bike seems to keep me in decent running shape. I was pleased that my calves didn't start to tighten until the end of my jog, as sore calves always set me back and dampen my drive. I'm also amazed that my bare feet can take several miles of rough road after weeks of little more in the way of maintenance than walking to the mailbox.

I have to repeat the quote Pastor's Wife shared because it is awesome: "Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate." I will be keeping this in mind, and applying it also to food. Why would I eat good food just to 'cancel out' the junk food I ate? Good food tastes good and makes me feel good, and guilt and shame have no part in the experience.

As far as daily running/exercise, I'm giving up on the goal for now. I think that if I try to run every day and happen to miss a few days, I will unconsciously fall into the trap of "I failed, so why bother trying?" I'm going to run (and bike and hike and swim) when/because I want to, not because I think I should. Amen.

RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 06-27-2016

Good advice, Semp. Structure and routine kill it for me. I have to go at it in the spirit of play.

RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 06-30-2016

I started to take a walk today, but ended up jogging a goodly percentage of the way.

I don't enjoy doing intervals on level ground. Running uphill is great because I don't have to try as hard to tire out and my muscles get worked differently. I'm thinking about combining my biking and running into a training exercise. I'll ride to the nearest hill-acious trail, dismount, hoist my steel steed up to chest level, run up the hill with it (or at least make a sad attempt), ride down (carefully), repeat.

RE: Runners Unite! - bean - 07-12-2016

I can't remember how much of this I have shared with this group, but this spring I was diagnosed with both asthma and copd. Yeah...no wonder running was getting harder. Sad
3 months on medicine. One exacerbation at the end of school but generally it goes well. Have been working and working at this and happy to report i was able today to run 20 minutes on the treadmill!!!! So pumped. Both my primary doc and pulmunologist seem to think that I should be able to get back to some sort of a running routine. My copd is considered mild to moderate. I'm on two inhalers. One guy in Australia ran a full with 31% lung function (yes, he ran slow but so do i...) It can be done. I think if i eat well, drop the extra weight I've gained, and keep working I can maybe get back to running (and enjoying) half marathons once again...

RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 07-15-2016

Ran a few miles today. My legs and feet fared well, as did my heart and lungs as long as I maintained an easy pace. Marathon pace, I guess, or as one writer put it, warrior's pace, which can be maintained well nigh indefinitely with just a bit of conditioning. After walking a few miles I started running again, but it got tedious after half a mile. Next time I just might take a bottle of water with me. Lately I've been exploring off trail a bit during my runs and discovering some amazing spots, little wild places just hidden from view. Stuff like that makes me want to be a better runner, until my own two legs can compete with a bicycle for efficient transportation.

Bean, I wanted to say that it's better to keep fighting than to give up or give in, but I wasn't sure I believed it. Today is a new day, and I do believe it. But too much fighting can backfire, at least for me, so I would say do as much as you enjoy. If you enjoy a challenge, more power to you.

RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 08-15-2016

I jogged seven miles today, according to my Google Earth measurement. Not too shabby, though I wasn't able to do it without putting my legs out of commission for a few days. That would take something resembling consistency, which I have yet to achieve.

I had way too much stuff shifting about in my stomach, until it finally settled in a bad place. I had to stop running and walk the five or six miles home. I think it's best to avoid meals for several hours preceding a run. I took a small water bottle this time, but didn't drink any until I was done running.

I visited some blackberry brambles that I'd spotted a couple months back, but the birds had left me exactly two berries, and only one was ripe. I was delighted to discover chicory growing in the area, a somewhat elusive plant in these parts.

RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 08-29-2016

A little over twelve miles. No water, no shoes. Just pavement, with a few mild hills. Walking up the driveway felt weird afterwards.