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RE: Runners Unite! - WalrusWrangler - 03-24-2016

Taking time off is important for sure. I've always heard that half an hour of cardio five days a week is ideal, and the cardio doesn't have to be running. Even at my best I never hit the five days a week consistently, though. In college I went to the gym on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, sometimes skipping Wednesday. I went home on weekends, though, so it was hard to work out Friday through Sunday since I didn't have a gym membership in my hometown.

My biggest problem now is consistency. This week I went for a walk on Monday and a jog Tuesday. I didn't do anything yesterday, and today I had a light walk during a 1-1 meeting with my manager. Last week I did jack squat. The week before I ran a 5K, but the week before that I didn't do anything. I haven't been able to find a good routine yet. Now that it's warming up outside and daylight is more plentiful I'm aiming to get back in the game, though.

RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 03-26-2016

Did better today. Jogged a couple miles, then walked for a few hours. It was around freezing when I headed out in shorts and t-shirt, but the sun eventually thawed the earth and me out. Even so, I was enjoying the steady jog and felt I could have gone a few more miles. Overdid it with the walk, though, so I'm gonna wait 2 or 3 days before my next run.

Runners Unite! - MyKneesAreShowing - 03-27-2016

Intervals are fun! They'll help your speed a lot.

My running has been going well, despite not actually training for anything. Usually I have a training plan I follow to the letter, but lately I've been running what feels good and I've made some serious progress. I'm guessing there's a life lesson in that somewhere...

RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 03-28-2016

I did a quick run today even though various body parts were still a little sore. I ran and walked along a ditch bed, and the terrain ranged from sand to hard mud where it looked like cows had been post-holing. The unpredictable ground was a good challenge for my ankles, but I didn't want to push myself (not that I could - my aerobic condition is not equal to my desire to run fast). A sprain would set me back a good ways, but gradual conditioning should strengthen me until I can more confidently push my limits.

RE: Runners Unite! - WalrusWrangler - 03-28-2016

I ran on the elliptical last friday. I kept a steady pace for half an hour, but I only went a mile and a half according to the machine's gauge. I'm aiming to go again at least three times this week. It helps that my apartment gym has wifi, and I can take my iPad and watch Netflix while I work out.

RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 04-07-2016

I'm too lazy to Google intervals, but would any of you care to explain the concept briefly? I'm assuming (hopefully without making an ass out of u and, uh.. Ming) that it's alternating between running and walking or resting... ?

Runners Unite! - MyKneesAreShowing - 04-07-2016

(04-07-2016, 07:08 PM)leo the lamb Wrote: I'm too lazy to Google intervals, but would any of you care to explain the concept briefly? I'm assuming (hopefully without making an ass out of u and, uh.. Ming) that it's alternating between running and walking or resting... ?

Oooh I can help! Pick me pick me!!! Big Grin Sorry but I love talking about running.

It's an interval of hard work followed by easy. So a beginning interval could be run for 2 minutes, walk for 2. Track work is a form of interval work. So I might do 8x400 with 2 minutes rest. Which would be run once around the track, walk or rest for 2 minutes, repeat. It can also be hard running followed by easy running. It doesn't have to be run/walk.

Basically you were right. No asses were made lol

RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 04-08-2016

Thanks, Knees. I'm thinking hard intervals where you really push your limits are the best way, maybe the only way, to advance as far as speed and endurance. I'll try it without any structure - just run hard until I don't want to/ can't, take it easy, repeat. Hopefully it'll help me break through the energy barrier and make running more fun.

RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 04-08-2016

Machines are the bane of my soul. And that's machines in general; exercise machines seem totally backwards to me. Hard physical activity should be fun, playful, the way it is for kids. Doing it inside a gym with no clean air or sunshine, rain or dirt, restricting your movements to computer-simulated programs... it all goes against the design of the human organism, in my unhumble opinion. It's why I don't like running on roads or wearing shoes. Having said that, there's currently a limit to how far I can run barefoot on the rough roads here, so I will start wearing shoes or sandals to run the two or three miles before I hit one or another dirt trail.

Runners Unite! - MyKneesAreShowing - 05-04-2016

(05-02-2016, 07:04 PM)The Inimitable Lady Semp Wrote: [quote='MyKneesAreShowing'

The other day I ran my race.  Came in at under 31 minutes; in fact, I was just over 30.   I am pleased.  Before we made our first turn a block into the race, some guy had already slowed to a walk.  I was amazed.  I even managed to beat several teenage boys.  

I believe a 10K is in my future.

Yay congrats!!! You've caught the running bug for sure now.

I'm having a string of good races this year. New personal best times in 5 mile, 15k, and now half marathon. Still trying to get under 2 hours, down to 2:05. Hopefully I'll get there this fall. Also beer tastes fantastic after running for 2 hours lol