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RE: Runners Unite! - WalrusWrangler - 03-11-2016

I'm running a 5K tomorrow morning, and I'm unprepared. I'm just going to alternate walking and running.

Runners Unite! - MyKneesAreShowing - 03-11-2016

(03-11-2016, 11:58 AM)WalrusWrangler Wrote: I'm running a 5K tomorrow morning, and I'm unprepared. I'm just going to alternate walking and running.

Sounds like a good plan. You'll be fine. Smile

RE: Runners Unite! - WalrusWrangler - 03-14-2016

Thanks! I finished in 49 minutes and some change. It's a far cry from my old record of 29:27, but I'm not disappointed. I expected my time would be closer to an hour than half an hour for this race. I alternated walking and running for the first mile, but I was wore out afterward. I walked most of the second mile. I ran a good bit of the last mile, though. The course was hillier than Google Street View led me to believe. My calves were noodly by the end.

It was good motivation to get back into running regularly. I've been talking to my friends about starting up our run club again this summer.

Runners Unite! - MyKneesAreShowing - 03-15-2016

Ahhh hills are killer! You'll get back there, especially if you start your run club back up.

RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 03-16-2016

I went for a walk yesterday to look for a couple of geocaches. The second one was quite a bit farther than I had figured, but it was good to beat up my body a bit. Jogged a little here and there, but didn't want to overdo it with my calf muscles. I should be able to jog as far as I want before long.

RE: Runners Unite! - bean - 03-16-2016

Been walking, either treadmill or out with the dog. Very easy running. Not sure how much trouble is my lung issue vs just being out of shape. Slowly and easily trying to ease back in.

RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 03-23-2016

I just ran a short distance and feel a little less crappy than I did two minutes ago. I'm recovering from a cold, and figured I might stimulate my respiratory passages to expel some unwanted phlegm. Not my best idea. My weakened system and resultant discomfort during and after the run had me thinking about why so many people don't like to/ hate to run. Largely, I suspect it is a matter of conditioning. It takes time and healthy choices to get to a point where you can run free, without pains and irritations coursing through various parts of your body. I'm reading Born To Run, an entertaining enough book. Before the author tells his story of finding and learning from the Tarahumara runners, he says "I didn't love running, but I wanted to." That's kind of where I'm at.

RE: Runners Unite! - WalrusWrangler - 03-24-2016

I've never loved running, but I was once at a point where I didn't mind it. I mainly used running as a way to warm up my muscles before lifting weights. I could run a mile without slowing down in 7:15. I broke a sweat, but I wasn't a useless pile of poop afterwards. Now if I run a mile I have to alternate walking and running. It takes me a miserable twelve to fifteen minutes, and I feel like I never want to move again afterward.

I'm reminded of a quote from the cartoon/sitcom Bojack Horseman: "It gets better every day. But you have to do it every day." If I consistently ran a mile five days a week I'd probably get back to enjoying it in a couple of months. Consistency is key, though. If I ran a mile two days one week, three days the next, no days the next two weeks, one day the next week, and one day the next week (and so on) I doubt that I'd see much noticeable progress at all, even after a year.

RE: Runners Unite! - leo the lamb - 03-24-2016

Daily is important. Maybe not necessarily running daily. But doing something daily to work the whole system. I like swimming and biking, but those activities aren't as accessible as a run down the street. The monotony of a typical jog is another thing I don't appreciate. I can run along some nice irrigation ditch beds and dirt roads from late fall to early spring, but getting to the 'trailhead' requires either a bicycle or a couple miles of running on asphalt. My goal is to not just enjoy running, but enjoy really pushing my body with freerunning and parkour, incorporating obstacles and vertical movement into the routine. The canals are great for that, but I've been lazy and they'll be filled soon. I'll have to be creative, but mostly I just need the motivation to run every day. The family dog can help keep me accountable. In my laughable attempts to race her across the yard I understood what a dog trainer meant when he said "There's fit, and then there's dog fit".

Runners Unite! - MyKneesAreShowing - 03-24-2016

(03-24-2016, 06:26 PM)The Inimitable Lady Semp Wrote:
(10-20-2014, 09:30 AM)The Inimitable Lady Semp Wrote: Yeah, day one of week seven has you do a short warmup followed by -- rather optimistically -- a 25 minute run which they think should be 2.5 miles.  No way I can run a mile in 10 minutes, let alone 2.5 in 25.  On day three of week six you're supposed to walk five minutes then do 2.25 miles (or 22 minutes).  I can realistically do a 15 minute mile.  I think my ability compared to what they think should be done is what kills me.

It's just hard mentally to wrap my head around it.

I'd just like to say that today I had time to kill so I ran.  Just over two miles, on the road and not a regulated treadmill.  When I was done my email notification came up that I'd set two personal records:  fastest kilometer and fastest mile.  My mile pace was just under 11 minutes.  I am pleased with that.  

Next month just might find me second to last, between an 89 y/o woman and a 93 y/o man, but I'm hoping to have a time under 43 minutes.  Preferably closer to 40.  If I can do that, I'll be quite pleased.

That's fantastic!!!! And that pace will have you closer to 30 min than 40. That's what I was training at before my first 5k and I finished around 31 minutes.