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RE: Happy Ramadan - lucrezaborgia - 07-28-2012

This is going to suck for Muslim olympiads.

RE: Happy Ramadan - dramaturge - 07-29-2012

They made a comment during the parade of nations (among many of the other completely useless blathering) that there was a variety of responses among the athletes. I'd imaging it varies by sport, mostly, though probably some by level of Islamic devotion. Some are deferring their fast until after the Olympics, some breaking fast only on competition days, and some are observing strictly. I'd be quite interested in actually hearing from some different Muslim athletes as to what they are doing and why and such.

RE: Happy Ramadan - devianmark - 08-24-2012

you can say happy ramadan, ramadan mubarak, or ramadan kareem. it doesnt matter when you say it just dont say it like 2 days before the ebd of ramdan. then you can say eid mubarak.

RE: Happy Ramadan - boymom - 08-24-2012

I'm going to put this little tidbit here, just cause. My husband works for a large multinational corporation. Customers come through often to view their product being built. Some Muslim buyers came through; customer service offered them some lunch. Of ham roll-ups. During the day. During Ramadan. Even my husband, an American Christian, knew this was culturally insensitive and cringed.